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Professor Bob Carter, Is the Earth Warming?

Anthropogenic Global Warming

Through the Earth's history, the environment has ever been in flux.  We're presently being told that the Earth is warming at an alarming rate.  We're told that this is due to an excess of carbon dioxide being dumped in the atmosphere.  Finally, we're being told that the only way we can save ourselves is by implementing costly schemes to control our carbon emissions.
Before we jump headlong into the Great Global Warming bandwagon, we have some basic questions to ask:

The New Emporer's Clothes


While driving from New Orleans to Dallas and back this week, I had ample time to listen to talk radio. I managed to catch a fair dose of Neal Boortz, who read excerpts from an article from Mark Morford of the San Fransisco Chronicle. It was a fascinating piece; so much so that I had to look it up and read it in its entirety myself. You can read the entire the article here: Barack Obama and good vibrations.

The Best Defense is a Weak Defense?

If Barack Obama thinks the best way to safety is through disarmament, Perhaps he should consider first asking his personal body guards to leave their firearms home. I would imagine that the best means of Barack Obama's personal security is his complete elimination of secret service agents for himself. A world without weapons is a world safe for Thugs.

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