If small town America clings to antipathy, it's against the government that fails them on a continual basis. It fail through excess taxation and excess regulation.

New Rifle Scope Wiki at WetPaint

We're working on a new Rifle Scope Wiki at Wet paint.  Please visit the information pages and feel free to join the community.  Contributers are elligable for discounts at our flagship Discount Rifle Scope site at Clearly Optics.

Nikon Monarch Binoculars

Nikon Monarch 8x42 APG, Team Realtree Binoculars make your viewing task the clearest that it has ever been.

The camera technology that we all know has taken their advanced technology and made one of the best valued binocular that money can buy. These superb binoculars come in Team Realtree Camo pattern that is perfect for hunting or bird watching.

Professor Bob Carter, Is the Earth Warming?

Obama Youth

Welcome to the Obama Youth.

Barack Obama proposes mandetory community service four our Youth.  He mentioned a program that's not military but as strong as military.  Perhaps this is what he was referencing?


Anthropogenic Global Warming

Through the Earth's history, the environment has ever been in flux.  We're presently being told that the Earth is warming at an alarming rate.  We're told that this is due to an excess of carbon dioxide being dumped in the atmosphere.  Finally, we're being told that the only way we can save ourselves is by implementing costly schemes to control our carbon emissions.
Before we jump headlong into the Great Global Warming bandwagon, we have some basic questions to ask:

more information on Bore Sighting

More on Bore sighting at Wetpaint Wikis

Squidoo page on Bore Bore Sighting

Check out this Bore Sighting Squidoo page.

Wow, We're working on a new site.

New site in constructions. www.tactical-warehouse.com

CO2 vs. Global Warming

Scientists explain how the relationship between CO2 levels and Global Warming works.


Leupold FX-III Rifle Scopes 12x40, Adjustable Objective Target, Matte, Long Range Duplex

ClearlyOptics.com presents the Leupold Model number 63095 FX-III 10x40 AO Rifle Scopes. The Leupold FX-III 12x40 AO duplex rifle scope is a fixed power riflescope and is perfect for a wide range of applications.

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