Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighter System

The LaserLyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System uses the brightest and most highly visible green laser we’ve ever created in a complete Laser Bore Sighting System.
The Kryptonite Laser Bore Sight System uses a bright green laser that is 100 times more visible to the human eye than standard red lasers. This daylight-visible 532-nanometer green laser bore sighter creates a bright dot that can be seen up to 100 yards away with the naked eye, meaning you can sight-in anywhere from 10 yards to 100 yards.
The new LaserLyte Kryptonyte Laser Bore Sighting System fits any handgun/pistol*, rifle or carbine from .22 to .50 caliber and .51 to .75 caliber as well as 12 to 20 gauge shotguns. The Auto Power Control digital circuitry ensures a bright and steady dot for the full 1-1/2-hr. life of the CR2 lithium battery.
*Four-inch minimum barrel length required
KRYPTONYTE LASER BORE SIGHTING SYSTEM INCLUDES: - Green 532nm Laser Bore Sighter - Universal Gun and Scope Leveler - 12-20 Gauge Shotgun / .51-.75 Caliber Adapter - .22 - .50 Caliber Adapters - Deluxe Kit Carrying Case with Instructions - One Lithium Battery KRYPTONITE LASER BORE SIGHTING SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: - COMPATIBLE CALIBERS: .22 - .50 CALIBER - POWER OUTPUT: class IIIa, 5mw - WAVELENGTH: 532nm - BATTERIES: 1 - CR2 LITHUIM - BATTERY LIFE: 1.5 hours + - WEIGHT: 2.4oz - LENGTH: 7.5" - YARDS: 3000 yards at night
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