1x14mm Tactical Prismatic Sight, Matte Finish, Illuminated Circle by Leupold

Leupold 1x14mm Tactical Prismatic Sight, Matte Finish, Illuminated Circle
ClearlyOptics.com, seller of Rifle Scopes, Laser Sights, and Prismatic Sights proudly offers the Leuopld 1x14mm Prismatic. The Prismatic optic from  Leupold gives you the fast target acquisition and accuracy of a non-magnifying red dot sight.

The Prismatic features a glass-etched reticle that's visible with or without its removable Illumination Module, or even batteries. You have all the advantages of a red dot sight without the battery dependency. For turkey hunting, shotgun slug hunting, or even muzzleloader hunting anytime the action is fast and close the Prismatic is an excellent choice.
The removable Illumination Module screws into the Leuopld 1x14mm Prismatic to illuminate the reticle in red.  The glass-etched reticle is still visible when you remove the Illumination Module so you're never battery dependent.
The Leuopld 1x14mm Prismatic has a more generous field of view than competitive red dot sights so you're on target faster. The true 1x optical system allows you to shoot with both eyes open for the superior depth perception and wide field of view that's crucial for fast target acquisition and reactive shooting.
The Leupold Prismatic Sight, Laser Sights,and Rifle Scopes can all be fount at ClearlyOptics.com